Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I don't want NO DIAMOND RING...can I have a PAIR of RUNNERS instead???

This year I've decided to get myself into the Global Corporate Challenge again...the last time I joined this was two years ago and it was an exciting experience with me having to cycle and swim after many many years of not doing so...
Well you must be wondering what in the world is this woman talking about, well let me briefly explain to you what this Global Corporate Challenge is all about....base on Wiki..: 

The Global Corporate Challenge is a workplace health and wellbeing program aimed at changing the behaviour and improving the health of employees around the world.[1] The event promotes 10,000 steps per day [2] as a way to tackle the growing epidemic of an obese and overweight global workforce and reduce the alarming increase in the accompanying Type II diabetescardio vascular disease and cancer.The Global Corporate Challenge event is often referred to simply as GCC (a registered trademark of The Global Corporate Challenge). With participants in over 100 countries, the GCC mantra is to ‘Get the World Moving’.

So basically it's aim is to GET THE WORLD MOVING by encouraging people to walk 10,000 steps a day..AWESOME right!!! And for us to know how many step counts we are doing during the day...we are given 2 PEDOMETERS AKA GCC PULSE...so if one fails, at least we still have another one as back up. 
Now back to my title and how that title relates to this GCC....
So you see, I've been aiming for a new pair of sports shoes since last year. The one I have now is coming 4 years old and I've used it for hiking, running, netball and whatever exercise I find myself doing...haha. I keep telling myself I want a new pair of runners but I kept justifying that I don't have any reason to get a new one since my old pair is still in one piece.
My ever so loyal ASICS :)

BUT! Now that the GCC is coming, my excuse for the new Pair of shoes that I want is super valid...haha..and my excuse is that the new one is way lighter that the one I have now...which means I can walk more in them and run further!!! hahaha...my excuse is valid right???

Super valid!!! (That's what I keep telling myself over and over again :P)

So, New SHOES!!! I'm coming!!! You'll be MINE SOON!!!!  


P/S. the Awesome light weight runners that I'm talking about is no other that the beautiful Woman's Puma Faas 300 V2....I LOVE IT!!!

Oh yah....and before I end....here's something I got from the GCC website on how we can walk more everyday just to stay healthy... and just for the fun of it, go get yourself a PEDOMETER!!! And make sure you take 10,000 steps a day..not because I said so...(haha...prasan me, as if people listen to what i say...hahaha...) but because YOU WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW... sounds good right? it sure does to me!!! I want to grow old with my kids and still be able to keep up with them when I reach 60 years old. I want to be one of those mom's who joins their kids for runs and be able to finish it the same my kids does or maybe before them...muahahahaha.... ok ok...that sounded evil...I better stop now..you get the drift...haha.. Anyway, check out the below and maybe do as it says.... you have nothing to lose but to be healthy... it's a win-win for all.. 

That's it from me!!! Over and out!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

SUPER FIT MOMMY PART 2...not yet lah but getting there ;)

So on the 18th March (2 posts ago), I put up my weight and the various details that I was tracking so I could prove to you that at my age I can still try to be fitter, stronger and healthier than those 10 years younger than me :P.

So here's the comparison...

18th March Stats:

Weight                      : 47kg
Height                       : 150cm
BMI                          : 20.8
Whole Body Fat (%) : 26.4
Skeletal Muscle (%)  : 23.2
Body Fat (%)            : 33.9
Visceral Fat (%)        : 4
Real Age                   : 35yo
Body Age                 : 36yo            
Waist                        : 29 inch
Hips                          : 35.5 inch

As of today - 3rd April Stats:

Weight                      : 45.7kg
Height                       : 150cm (Can't do much about the height..maybe I should try Yoga and stretch more?)
BMI                          : 20.3
Whole Body Fat (%) : 24.3
Skeletal Muscle (%)  : 24.3 (Increase by 1%!!! AWESOME!!!!)
Body Fat (%)            : 30.4
Visceral Fat (%)        : 3
Real Age                   : 35yo
Body Age                 : 34yo (I'm one year younger!!!! WOOHOOO!!!)          
Waist                        : 29 inch
Hips                          : 34.5 inch

So you see!!! It's possible leh!!! But you really need to put effort to do something, even if you think you don't have the time to do so. I'm not a super fit mommy yet but I'm getting there :D

I have 3 kids...so I can't exercise everyday....I find ways to do some kind of workout just for the sake of keeping myself healthy. Let me give you an example:

(1) I have evening walks/cycle time with the kids and hubby - this is WONDERFUL BONDING time

I walk this little sweetheart of mine, up and down our housing area, and I do this fast not slow... this helps me burn more calories than walking at a snails pace and at the same time, my boy get to experience more wind in his face...hahaha... when i do this, my aim is to try and outwalk my kids on their bicycles... :P. Which usually isn't possible... haha.. It's pretty much a win-win situation cause I get to do some sort of workout (not much lah but better than sitting down and watching tv, right?) and my kids are having fun!!!
Sometimes the hubby joins the fun by riding my daughter's bike with my second boy in the basket...good workout for the hubby as well... ;).

(2) I walk up and down the stairs to my office which is on the 3rd floor instead of using the lift....sometimes you just need to make a change and make it that change into a habit. This habit helps, though you may say not much, but like I said, better than nothing right? Every small change you make in your daily life which avoids being lazy, is always good. If you accumulate it together, it will work out to a bigger amount of calories burned...true? So, moral of the story....don't be lazy yah....

(3) While you are watching TV you could do Squats and Push-ups and Sit-ups.....the kids will most probably join you too and that is good for them...good to start kids young with living a healthy lifestyle..

(4) Sometimes, when the kids drive me up the wall....I go for a quick jog around my housing area...all it takes is 25 minutes of my time and I'm back at home with the kids again. That way I get to de-stress and at the same time take as short a time away from the kids.

And when you have the time...do what you can to utilize that time for exercise..time is precious...haha...well in my case it is...I don't even have time to blow my hair in the morning...I take 3 minutes in the shower...5 minutes if it includes brushing my teeth and washing my face. Make up consist of a quick touch up on my eyebrows, a quick pad of powder on my face and some eye liners to my eyes...that would take another 3 minutes... then its ZOOM out into the car...oh yah...I do put clothes on as well...hahaha...and that is just pulling out a pants and a top from my cupboard....see no time...sad or not...

Hence, time is very the precious... :P. Today I shall head to the park to run round and round and round...oh no!!! I forgot my MP3!!! It's at home!!! OH NO!!! Sigh...this means I'll be heading home to run around my housing area....this will give the dogs around my area some excitement for today...they will decide whether they would want to chase me or not...most of the time their decision is to chase!!! Scary wei!!! But thank goodness I'm not afraid of them, so I just stop and look at them and they back off....huhu...

Wah...I'm actually getting very long winded here....how did this happen...haha... to end this, let me show you a picture of me and my friend after hiking last monday....still can smile some more...haha...  

Ohhh...and before I end...I would like to say KUDOS to a friend of mine (facebook picture below which I stole from her facebook page...hehehe..sorry dear..jangan marah ye..I bangga with your determination bah...hehe) who actually made the effort and time for exercise most mornings after she sends her kids to school...see nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!!! No such thing as "I cannot lah" or "No time lah" or whatever "-lahs" you may have... just DO IT!

And say to yourself:

And that's it from me!!! Over and out!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

SUPER MOM??? Trying to be...hahaha - EXERCISE & playtime with my KIDS...whom I love to bits!!!

Yesterday was a very productive day. I had an awesome workout at Canada Hill at my pace...which was even more awesome cause I almost killed myself in the process of trying to beat my personal time...hahaha... like I said before... sometimes I still think I'm 20yo. Today however, my muscles are aching!!! But that just proves that I had an awesome workout yesterday!!! WOOHOOO!!!!

So this is what happen...

4.30pm - Left Office
4.40pm - Got home to change
4.50pm - Pick Baby Josiah from his Nursery
4.55pm - Send him Home to my MIL and Mom (Thank goodness for them)
4.56pm - Left Home to head to Canada Hill
5.06pm - Reached Canada Hill and Waited for my colleague
5.10pm - Went in myself cause my colleague said he will be late..
5.15pm - Started my Hike at Hill No.2
5.45pm - Came out at Hill No.6 breathless cause I was trying to catch up with an Apek infront of me.     Found out that he was an impossible target...hahaha....
5.55pm - Left Canada Hill to pick up my Baby number 2, Mr. Jairus
6.05pm - Reached the Babysitters house, only to find it in a mess with Chairs being moved to the front of the door cause Mr.Jairus was trying to build a house....
6.07pm - Left the Babysitters house with Mr.Jairus in the car telling me he wanted to play ball
6.20pm - Reached home and moved the other car out of the car porch area so Mr.Jairus could kick the ball around. Carried little Mr. Josiah while kicking ball with Mr.Jairus cause Mr.Josiah was screaming his head off in the walker cause he wanted to be carried. Hubby came out to kick the ball around too...I thought that was superb cause this made it a family bonding time. Mr.Josiah had a good time laughing while I kicked the ball cause he thought it was super hilarious but after about 5 minutes into it, he didn't find it funny anymore.
6.30pm - Miss Seraphina decided to join us after she came out from the shower. So all five of us were outside in our little car porch area chasing the ball around. AWESOME RIGHT??? I thought it was.
6.45pm - It was getting dark...so told Mr.Jairus that the birds are heading home and to say Goodbye and Goodnight...and that is exactly what he did....then we all went inside.
6.47pm - I went to have a shower cause I finally realised that I stink!!! SO BAD!!!
6.55pm - Food set out for everyone to eat while I put the little Mr.Josiah to sleep.
7.15pm - My turn to eat!!! Mr.Jairus and Miss Seraphina was still eating...you know how kids are...they take forever to eat....
7.30pm - Headed over to my mom's side of the house cause Mr.Jairus wanted to play Drums on the chair (drum sticks were chopsticks...we had to be creative here..hahaha)...didn't want him to wake the baby up. After awhile, the hubby was with the chopsticks hitting the chair and so was my daugther who was also singing at the same time. Song for the night was the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. Mr.Jairus was with the guitar...

7.50pm - Mr.Josiah decided he should wake up so he doesn't miss the fun...
8.00pm - Chased everyone into the bedroom to sleep.
8.30pm - Miss Seraphine was knocked out.
9.00pm - The Boys were knocked out and after that I was knocked out....

The end...it was definitely a super productive day yesterday....and I loved it!!!

By the way, do you know that it is always good to start teaching your kids to live a healthy lifestyle... this is how it can be done.... INTRODUCING to you my DARLING SISTER with Miss Seraphina & Mr.Jairus doing the push ups!!! TA-DA!!! haha...looks more like a mermaid... hahaha

And that's it from me!!! Thanks for reading!!! Psst...don't forget to exercise today yah!!! Skipping also can...walk with the kids outside also can...anything also can...as long as you exercise...ok? Alrighty! Over and out!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I want to be a SUPER FIT MOMMY!!! Possible??? Hell yah!!!

Yup I know, I've been missing from the blog world like forever...and yes I know I keep saying I'm back and will start writing again but only to disappear for months...I openly admit that.... and that is why this time I'm not going to say anything else on blogging consistently from now on but bare with me and stay tune... :P

I'm now a mom of 3 kids....an 8 year old daughter, a 2.5 year old boy and an 8 months old baby boy. Since I've only delivered 8 months ago... I've been struggling with trying to gain back whatever stamina I can and be like what I use to be 10 years ago.... hahaha... you must be thinking I'm crazy right? And you are indeed right! I know I'm half way to being 40 years old...but that is not going to deter me from being fitter and stronger than when I was in my 20s. :P

Life is short and being older doesn't me that we let go and let our body catch up with our age. We can always be OLD-er but still look and feel YOUNG-er....agree??? I'm positive I can be fitter, stronger and healthier than girls 10 years younger than me...haha...I'm positive and you should be too!!! Positive thinking is always good...:P But if you don't believe it is possible, let me just prove it to you.

So, this is what I'm going to do. First look at my stats below:

Weight                           : 47kg
Height                            : 150cm (I can't do much about my height unfortunately...hahaha)
BMI                               : 20.8
Whole Body Fat (%)     : 26.4
Skeletal Muscle (%)     : 23.2
Body Fat (%)                 : 33.9
Visceral Fat (%)            : 4
Real Age                        : 35yo
Body Age                       : 36yo (I'm freaking 1 year older!!!!)
Waist                              : 29inch
Hips                                : 35.5 inch
Arms (Relaxed/Flexed) : 10/10.5inch

For Definition of the Above: 

Note that my pre-pregnancy weight was 44kg, hence my aim to reach that target. Please note also that I LOVE TO EAT!!! If you were to ever want to bring me out for a lunch or dinner buffet, I can honestly say that you will not regret it!!! hahaha.... 

Anyway, looking at my stats above, my aim is to: 

DECREASE 'Weight', 'Whole Body Fat', 'Body Fat', 'Visceral Fat', 'Body Age', 'Waist', 'Hips' & 'Arm - Relaxed'
INCREASE 'Skeletal Muscle' & 'Arms - Flexed Variance from Relaxed'

My aim is to do this in 4 weeks!!! If I'm successful (and as a mom of 3 kids), then you will have no excuse whatsoever that you won't be able to do it...RIGHT??? Let's do this together shall we??? All You need is a PAIR of RUNNING SHOES (and maybe an MP3 player or your smartphone will do - for music purposes to keep you entertain while you run or walk) and you are GOOD TO GO!!! 

You just need ONE HOUR a DAY to get out there and walk or run or both. if you haven't done it in ages, start WALKING first... but FAST WALK lah.... cause you need to get your heart rate up in order to lose/burn the fat.. I've heard that exercising in the morning burns more fat that doing it in the evening...so if you can't seem to fit exercise into your evening schedule, then by all means do it in the morning after the kids go to school. Base on Malaysian School Time, Your kids should be in school by 7am, so send them earlier like 6.30am, then head to a Park and WALK for ONE HOUR!!! Then go home, bath and head off to work...in a couple of weeks of doing that you will honestly feel so much better than you would previously.

(Headphones - Check!, Running Shoes - Check!, Nice Weather - Check!, Still Breathing - Check!)

So are you in for the Challenge??? You have nothing to lose right. I'm not asking you to starve yourself, I'm just asking you to Exercise More than usual and maybe eat half of what you always eat everyday for 4 weeks. Let's do it!!! Let us MOMS prove to the world that we are SUPER MOMS and nothing can deter us from being HOT & SEXY!!! hahaha.... ok ok I'm overdoing it but You get the DRIFT!!! ;)

On my side...this is what I'm going to do... I'm going to try and stick to the schedule below:

Monday - Hiking
Tuedsday - Run (4 to 5 KM)
Wednesday - Netball
Thursday - Hiking or Run (whichever I feel like during that day :P)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Run & Walk with Son in Stroller 
Sunday -Rest

And everyday add in: 
10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats, 10 Right Leg Forward Lunge & 10 Left Leg Forward Lunge

(Repeat for 4 Weeks - )

And Lets See Results!!! Woohoo!!! Will update progress weekly :)

P/S. Don't procrastinate and say you will start tomorrow, JUST START TODAY!!! ;) 

That's it from me today!!! 

Over and out!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

For Sale - RM30 - Especially Made for a new mom or a pregnant mom...

For Sale - RM30. As usual, limited to one only on a first come first serve basis. Especially Made for a new mom or a pregnant mom who would be a mom really soon.  There is a mom charm which represents the person being a mom. There is the baby shoes and the mittens which babies use. There is the teddy bear which every baby should have,  and there is the duck which every baby should have during their Bath Time. Then there is the Princess Crown and the ballet dress which represents a baby girl.  Hence this bracelet is made for a mom/pregnant mom with a baby girl/ pregnant with a baby girl :) Let me know if you are interested. Either for yourself or as a gift ;). Thanks! !!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

FOR SALE - Charm Bracelet for CAT LOVERS!!!

Morning Blog world and Mirians!!!....This is my latest creation yesterday....Made especially for Cat Lovers. The Cat Mask Charm represents the mysteriousness of Cats. The Circle Charm next to the Cat Mask states "Friend" behind it, as cats are our friends. Note that there are 9 Pearls all together on this Charm Bracelet, representing the 9 lives that cats have.

Selling for only RM35 and limited to ONE only. On a first come first serve basis ;). Let me know if you are interested by PM'ing me on my Jacqie's Charm Bracelet Facebook Site.

Note: I made a Dog Lovers Charm Bracelet as well, and somebody bought it for their Puppy!!! Never really thought my Bracelets could be used in that way...hahaha...so if you are interested to make one for your Puppy as well, do let me know!!! Thanks!!!! Over and Out!!! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

I've been GONE for TWO YEARS!!! Another BABY & CHARM BRACELETS!!! :)

I can't believe I've been out of this blogging scene for about 2 years!!! Having a second child sure takes up a lot of time that I couldn't even blog...

But I'm back!!! Hahaha...and a quick update. My 2nd Child is now coming 2 years old....next week Thursday to be exact ;).

And I now have a 3rd Child, who was born 2 weeks ago. His name is Josiah and he is the final addition to the family....yes final...that's what I say lah....but who knows what God has plan for me...I sure do hope it is just 3...hahaha....This 3rd child was a surprise and despite being in shock for about 3 days when I found out, He is still our little blessing. If you recall my story of how hard it is for me to get pregnant....it seems that after the fixing of my tube by Dr.Mattu, I am now very productive...hahaha..

Besides that, I'm now doing Charm Bracelets...you can actually check out my site on facebook... Jacqie's Charm Bracelet. So if you have no clue what to give your gf/wife/daughter/sister/niece/cousins/aunties and so forth (I'm sure you get the picture). Please do check out my site and like it and share it. It takes about 2 to 3 days for me to make it once you've ordered. Some of the customised bracelet I've made are as below, each of them has a story or representation of the charms that are chosen and the pearls that goes on the Charm Bracelet... It's very easy to make one...all you need to do is, (1) Choose the Charms You would like to have on the Bracelet by going to my Album in the Facebook Link above and go to Charms Catalogue, (2) Let me know what Colour You Want - So I can design the Charm Bracelet according to the Colour, (3) Let me know the length of the Bracelet in "cm" (as in the wrist size). (4) Feel free to tell me how You would like the design to be - whether to have the Pearls Connected to the Chain or whether You would like it to be Dangling from the Chain or Both...

 That's it from me....don't forget to like and share Jacqie's Charm Bracelet... :) Over and Out!